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Don't Wait Until You're Sick ... Start Your Wellness Plan NOW!
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  • Don't wait until you're sick ... start thinking offensively!
  • Address the root issue. A strong healthy immune system will reduce your chances of getting sick, and promote wellness.
  • Essential Oils are one of the most powerful, effective natural methods of alternative medicine. Daily topical application can greatly enhance your health, and help the body do its job in keeping you well!
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Our family first started using this oil six months ago. We have several children, all of whom are often exposed to people who carry viruses around during winter. We put this oil in our purses, and have applied it frequently to our wrists and necks. Every time I apply it, someone nearby says, "Wow, that smells so good!" I have also found that it is soothing to breathe in deeply, when applied to my wrists for stress. No one in our family has had a cold or virus all season, and we are very thankful for this helpful addition to our family's wellness routine. Thank you, Sarah, for your caring attentiveness to providing high quality organic products that help others stay well! - Sarah Benson
My family and I really love this oil! The smell is wonderful but that's not the important thing... it really does keep sickness away! If any of us are feeling a little under the weather we use the oil (and we use it almost everyday during cold and flu season). If I'm especially feeling badly, I also pair it with the Wellness Immune Boosting Tea. So far the Wellness has kept most of the rotten germs away. So glad I found this! In fact, I'm ordering more to bring to a friend in New York. They definitely need it up there too. :) - Gina Tidwell
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